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Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2008


The vintage

A grey and cloudy sky hangs over 2008, a unique year in an incredibly giving and sunny decade. Spring and summer were also marked by lack of light and low temperatures. The month of September, belatedly and miraculously, made the vintage. When the harvest began (15th of September), the weather conditions were finally perfect: blazing sunlight and strong north/north-east winds. In order to best take advantage of such a turn of events, the harvest was spread out. The ripeness levels of the grapes had exceeded all expectations, presenting an unprecedented balance. The state of health is impeccable.

The tasting


The bouquet opens instantly with raspberry and wild strawberry. Pesistent powdery notes of iris and violet immediately blend with the fruit aromas. When breathing in the aromas, we finally notice the emergence of greener nuances, evoking privet, angelica and camphor leaf.


The initial sensations are tactile, full-bodied and silky. They gradually unfold, becoming more firm. The acidic framework, the signature of the vintage, weaves itself into the structure of the Pinot Noir and reveals the very core of the wine. The finish is assertive and lingers with notes of peony and white pepper.