KRUG VINTAGE 1998 with wooden case

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The elegance of a gourmand and generous Krug Champagne

Krug 1998 offers astonishing purity, precision, elegance and a very long finish. For Krug, a focus on Chardonnay for in this vintage was an obvious choice due to the outstanding personality of Chardonnay grapes of the year. This vintage is known as our Hommage au Chardonnay as it is only the second Krug vintage, after 1981, where Chardonnay dominates.

The weather in 1998 was somehow classic, very contrasted as is often the case in Champagne. After a particularly hot August which broke the record set in 1962, the winemaking team watched nervously as temperatures crept up to 39°C and began to burn the leaves, damaging 5 to 10% of the potential harvest.
At the end of the month, heavy rains caused more consternation. Luckily, by early September dry, mild weather offered relief and the third week of the month bestowed perfect conditions for harvesting. Despite the sharp climatic contrasts, 1998 will be remembered as a year of quantity as well as high quality grapes.
The Chardonnays of the year, especially those from the Côte des Blancs and Trépail played a key role in calming the opulence of the other wines affected by the summer heat and re-injected the necessary dynamism to guarantee good cellaring potential.
To tell the story of 1998, the Chardonnays were shining stars (46%). Almost all the Pinot Noirs (35%) were selected from the southern Mountain of Reims, which explains the solid foundation of Krug 1998, and finally the Meuniers (19%), mainly selected from the left side of the Marne Valley, Leuvrigny, which was less sunny than the right bank, gave unique freshness.


Tasting note

 Deep light golden colour announcing this unique contrast between freshness and maturity.
 Expressive aromas of bread, hazelnuts, dried fruit, caramelised orange peel, then cocoa as it warms up, and finally pepper and gingerbread.
 Flavours of crystallised citrus fruits, caramelised orange peel, dried fruits, pepper and gingerbread, with a soft, creamy texture.