TAIKO 大湖 - 純米大吟醸酒 芳醇旨口 720ml

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大湖 純米大吟醸 芳醇旨口

大湖 純米大吟釀 芳醇旨口於低溫下釀造6個月,再於瓶中陳釀10個月,藉此創造出濃郁的鮮味,同時帶有我們自家種山田錦的精緻味道。有著複雜的深度和酒體,可品嘗到香蕉和白茶花的味道以及奶油般的後感。此款清酒在干度與酸度上已達到完美平衡。

建議配搭 懷石料理, 慢煮料理。

釀酒米 100% 自家種山田錦
酒精濃度:   16%
甜度: 半干型 (SMV +2.5)
酸度: 1.1
旨味: 中等 –
酒體: 中等

Taiko Junmai Daiginjo Umakuchi is brewed 6 months in low temperature and 10 months aging period in the bottle, created a rich  flavor of umami, while yet has a refine taste of rice from our own Yamada Nishiki. Lots of depth and body. You will find taste of ripe banana, white flowers, and a creamy after taste. It has achieved the perfect balance of dryness and acidity. 

Strong Flavour of Umami. Heavier taste profile. Good to drink alone.
Recommend  PairingKaiseki, slow cook  cuisine. 

Seimai Buai50%
Sake RiceHomegrown Yamada Nishiki
Alcohol Level:   16%
Sweetness: Off Dry (SMV +2.5)
Acidity: 1.1
Umami: Medium –
Body: Medium